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Election 2019 Results: Dems Win Six Seats, Valentino Cruises

The results are in, and the Democrats will have a supermajority on City Council beginning in 2020. Steve Valentino won the mayoral race in decisive …

City Government

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City To Sell Lakefront Parcel To State Park, Land Swap Avoided

On October 2 2019, City Council will vote on a resolution to schedule a public hearing on the sale of a 7.25 acre parcel of …

Geneva Police

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City Officials Silent As Racist Meme Cop Leaves GPD

In September 2017, Geneva Police Officer Todd Yancey was suspended with pay, and an internal investigation was launched, after he was discovered to have posted …

Geneva Foundry

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City Spends $800K Fighting Foundry Victims In Court, DEC Pays The Bill

From November 2016 to August 2019, the City of Geneva paid over $799,000 to a Syracuse-based law firm to fight against city residents in court …

The Geneva Foundry Disaster and Cover-up

Ward 6

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Ward 6 Gets A Councilor: Hollenbeck Appointed To Seat

After 132 days without representation, Ward 6 has a City Councilor. By unanimous vote, City Council appointed Democrat Dana Hollenbeck to the seat that has …

Community Compact

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Compact Update: Gramling Announces “Civilian Oversight And Community-Building Program”

If the Compact’s primary goal is “relationship building,” then why are they involved in implementing a civilian review program, complaint process improvements, and other police …


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City Council Slashes Anti-Poverty And Neighborhood Funding For 2019

City Council used their final 2019 budget session to make dramatic, last-second cuts to the city’s anti-poverty effort, the Economic Opportunity Task Force, and the …