GPD Disciplinary Records

The following disciplinary records for current and former Geneva Police Department officers were obtained via FOIL request. Additional records will be added as they become available.

*Received December 2020 with letter from chief

**Received May 2021 with letter from chief

***Received June 2021 with letter from chief

Arroyo, Raul**
Baskin, Richard Jr.***
Bielowicz, Nick*
Choffin, Brian*
Cole, Jesse***
Colton, Matt*
Dobies, Jordan***
Eveland, Ron***
Felice, David**
Grenier, Randy*
Hickey, Dan***
Keear, Chris**
Keyser, Jeff**
Lloyd, Jennifer***
Nolin, Patrick**
Passalacqua, Mike*
Perry, Jenn***
Peters, Tim**
Potter, Jeff**
Steve, Bret**
Turner, Tyler*
Valenti, Matt**
VanSavage, John**
Vine, Steven*
Wagner, Trevor***
Winter, JD*